Bumpwatch – 18 weeks

I’ve been meaning to try and blog once a week for bumpwatch, but so much has been happening lately that I really haven’t had the chance! *sorry*

So, I’m now 18 weeks along and feeling rather sluggish and awfully fat! I am now feeling hints of kicks and punches from the bump which I never really enjoy as it’s usually rather painful. We have our 20 week scan slightly earlier than normal at 19weeks and 6 days (just before the weekend instead of after it) as we were meant to be moving on that weekend so I managed to sneak it earlier. But we will now be moving the weekend afterwards, so I’m not gonna bother changing my appointment, besides, its a difference of 3 days…it can’t change that much can it!?

This time round I want to know what we’re having. With Ali, I wanted the nice surprise for when he was born, but as everything went wrong, I ended up finding out when I was coming round from my general and I overheard a nurse in the operating room saying ‘did you see that tiny boy earlier?’ So I really don’t want to have something like that happen again, so this time, I will know! It is rather exciting to think that in 2 weeks time I’ll know if I have a little boy or girl inside me. Last time, I was sure from the off that I was having a boy. This time, I don’t have much of an opinion, but I am swaying slighlty to the side of I think it may be a girl.
I will be very happy either way, as all that ever matters to me is that my baby is happy and healthy. I also hope in earnest that this one will want to stay inside for longer than Ali!

In other news…we have a new house to move to! :)

We’ll be moving on the last weekend of the month to a lovely new house in Hamilton. When we went to view property in Livingston, all of them had something wrong and we were at the stage of not knowing what was going to happen as we were running out of time and had ran out of places to look at.
My amazing hubby came up with the perfect solution to our predicament…look at places in Hamilton instead! When we thought we would be moving last year, that is where we where looking, so we already knew the area (it is a lovely town close to my parents village, so I know it well)

The house is lovely. It’s a 2 double bedroom mid terrace house with ooooodles of storage. I shall most definately have to post some pics once we move in.

So now all we need to do is pack the rest of the house :|

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