New year

It’s a new year, but I’m not gonna make a resolution as these things never get kept. I do have some things or goals I’d like to personally achieve though.

1- get out of the house more. It’s hard with the 2 boys as there is so much to do to get them out then the only real places I can walk to are supermarkets, but I do enjoy my walks, so maybe once the weather is better I might just go a wander round the estate.

2- go try out a mum and baby group. There are 2 near me but I’m scared of going with both boys as I don’t know if I can watch roo safely whilst Ali runs around. But if I manage this then number 1 will be achieved.

3- make friends. This one’s gonna be hard but I need to talk to grown ups anĀ  not just babies. I also don’t wanna just talk about babies!

4- get fitter/lose weight/be healthier. Now that I’m done with giving birth I can think about losing weight again. No idea if it’ll work as the only time I’ve lost weight in the past was when I just didn’t eat for days on end due to depression. I know that having the boys is gonna make me run around a lot more, I just need to moderate what’s going in my mouth (some might suggest I moderate what’s coming out too!)

5- admit my shortfallings. I know it’s an impossible thing to do, but I’m still tryin to be Supermum and failing. I need to acknowledge that I cannot do everything and not get so uptight about not being able to. For this one I will need the help of mud family and friends though, cos if I can’t do it then I’ll need people to help me!

6- take pride in raising the boys. I think I need to be proud of myself for getting through each day. Raising 2 boys is hard work and especially on days where I am completely alone I think if I can get through it without throwing one of them through a window then I should congratulate myself!

7- plan more. If I can plan more with the hubby for when he’s gonna be at work etc then I should hopefully be ableĀ  to make sure I can get some time to myself to read or sleep or have a bath. It should also help me budget better so we spend less which is always a bonus!

8- go on a date. This one will require input from family to take the boys, but I think it’s really important for my marriage if once a month me and Chris can have a night in or out where we dress up and remind ourselves why we are together. Really don’t want to become complacent!

9- don’t go more than a week without getting in contact with my family or friends. I may be busy, but I love these people and I should be able to find 5 minutes even for a text to let them know! I only hope they can think the same way for me!

10- write the boys’ birth stories down and fill in their baby books. I love looking through my baby book so I should take the time to write in theirs!

I think that’s me, a nice even 10. I’d love to hear if anyone else has a list of things they wanna do. I’ll try to get back to here to say how I’m getting on throughout the year!

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