Ali’s eating

Recently Ali has started becoming quite hard to feed. He realised that his Ikea high chair was escapable since the waist restraints can be pulled loose. He also started standing up and trying to climb down, so feeding was impossible!

We went through phases of him refusing to eat and everything was thrown on the floor. To start with we would give in and give him something we knew he’d eat, but I started thinking that he wasn’t eat proper food just so he could get the ‘treat’ food. So we went hardcore on him and if he refused he went without.

He now has a low chair and will be put in it when he’s being spoon fed, like with his breakfast in the morning. But other than that I bring his food through in a bowl or plate and put it on his tray and direct his attention to it. This way he can eat at his own pace and choose what he wants.


Usually he’ll eat a bit then have a play then go back over. This continues for a bit and after about an hour I take away any remaining food.


He now eats really well and has started letting go of his table and standing independently.
I know he’s still behind on his actual age as he can’t use cutlery properly yet, but he’s getting there! If you give him his yoghurt and spoon, some of it will get on the spoon and some will also make it into his mouth!


We have an appointment with the pediatrician in April so I’ll find out how he’s progressing then and if he is still being affected by his prematurity.
Overall though he’s doing well! Hopefully we’ll get there with the cutlery soon :-)

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