This is the end my friends

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to close my blog.

Some horrible person has decided to report me to social services saying they are worried about my sons

This isn’t the first time people have stuck their nose in where it isn’t wanted.

I have a few ideas of who has done it and mark my words, you are a coward.
Leaving details anonymously.

You obviously don’t care about me or my family.

If you did you would have contacted one if us.

My blog was my outlet, something that helped. Instead I’m gonna have to stop and go back to suffering in silence.

So thank u so much you piece of shit.

My sons are my world. I almost died bringing them into the world. So to think I’d harm them is unthinkable.

Oh yeah, and I know it was someone who knows us personally enough to know my address as that’s what was given to the authorities.

Thank u followers for your help and support. I hope we can speak again x

One thought on “This is the end my friends

  1. DON’T DO IT! Anyone who knows you personally knows you would never harm the boys! Its sheer nastiness and spite honey, you and chris are stronger than this and you will overcome this together.

    To the person who reported my friend; how DARE you take something that took an amazing amount of strength and courage to open up about and turn it into something so vicious! You are clearly nothing but a disgusting coward, shame on you!

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